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Publishing Startup Highlight – Widbook – Youtube for Books

Publishing startups are popping up like weeds. Widbook launched roughly a year ago, and is one that is seeming to gain some traction.

In simple terms you can refer to Widbook as  the Youtube for books. Their Widbook platform allows authors to collaborate and write with authors and book fans.

We like Widbook because they’ve gained some serious traction since their beta launch last year. We checked out some of the books on the site they already have a community of 26,000 authors and readers alike. Members of the site (which is completely free) can write their books online, get realtime feedback, follow each other, and create their own bookshelves.

Authors can start writing their books on Widbook and immediately start getting feedback. To put it simply it’s like a beta reader platform where authors can invite others to give them feedback on their work. You can also write in pieces to add to a given writers work that become part of the work if the author chooses to include it.


The most popular Widbook to date?  “New Wonder: The book written in a mobile phone during a Round The World travel”, by Fernando Palacios (

So check it out and give it a whirl. Right now authors can’t export a book, but we do see this feature coming soon.