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Litcrawl Manhattan – September 13th – Networking & Indie Crossword Night

Join us for an evening of networking, readings, and a game of indie crossword puzzle with Miral Sattar, Judith Glynn and Irfana Khan. Also, bring your questions about self-publishing!

We’re so excited to be a hosting an event for Litcrawl Manhattan which kicks off on Saturday, September 13th.

litcrawl manhattan

September 13, 2014 – 6:00 PM

Scratcher Cafe
209 E. 5th St.

Event Details: 

Test your self-publishing chops. Join Bibliocrunch for an evening of readings by Judith Glynn and Irfana Khan and a game of “indie crossword.” We’ll be testing your self-publishing knowledge. There will be trivia, prizes (giving away books and our New York City Guide to Desserts), and more!


Irfana Khan holds a Master’s degree in Early Childhood & Elementary
Education.  She has worked as an educator for many years, first as a
teacher and currently as an Educational Director at a Head Start
preschool in Brooklyn.  “Zainab is Different” is her debut children’s
book, a vividly illustrated exploration of what makes each person
unique — and the amazing similarities that bring us together!

“Zainab is Different” can be found on Amazon:

Judith Glynn is the author of two books. The Street or Me: A New York
Story is a raw, riveting read that follows Judith’s two-year odyssey
with a New York City homeless woman. After a street hello, their
growing friendship results in Judith returning the woman’s dignity and
her to her family in Italy. A Collector of Affections: Tales from a
Woman’s Heart begins on a flight to Spain when a chance meeting with a
seatmate turns into a romance for a middle-aged seasoned woman. Since
Judith is a freelance travel writer, her novel highlights Spain,
Portugal, New York City and Rhode Island.

Miral Sattar (@miralsattar) is CEO of BiblioCrunch, an author services marketplace that matches authors with quality award-winning professionals to get new books to market. Miral has worked in the media industry for 11 year, most recently at TIME. She and her writing have both been featured in numerous media outlets including

BusinessWeek, BBC, TIME, and PBS. She has a MS in Publishing (NYU) and
a BS in Computer Engineering (Columbia).

We love Lit Crawl because it takes everyday literature and turns it into live events where you can participate in readings and interact with your favorite authors.


On Saturday, September 13th, Lit Crawl is going to take over Manhattan neighborhoods by adding pop-up events to every conceivable venue (from bars to laundromats). You’ll hear dozens of writers read from their work, and  be able to watch hundreds of literati tromp the route and get drunk on words. The best part? It’s all free.

Check out the full schedule.