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How To Send Review Copies of Your Book to Potential Reviewers

A question we get from authors is how to send review copies of their book to potential reviewers. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you below. 

1. Just create a PDF and send that to the reviewer via email.


2. Download the .mobi file from Amazon and send that one if the reviewer wants to read it on his Kindle. If the reviewer wants an EPUB for their iPad or Nook you can send them that as well.

3. Send the book as a gift to the reviewer. In this case, when he redeems the gift, this will count as a sale. You pay the list price but you get back the royalty. So you could end up paying only 30% of the digital price.


4. Contact your reviewer when you run a KPD free promotion.

Remember, reading a book takes time. Expect your book reviewer to take up to several weeks to read your book.