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#NaNoWriMo Writing Sprints!

Trying to stay motivated during NaNoWriMo? Join us during our 10 minute writing sprints.  We know that with writing you need to get it in when you can. To support our NaNoWriMo authors we’re hosting three writing sprints a day everyday centered around mealtimes and snacks.


Join us for 10 minutes of writing sprints at:

  • 8:30 am EST (right before breakfast)
  • 1 pm EST (right before lunch)
  • 5 pm EST (right before an evening snack)

So start writing on your computer, your ipad, your mobile phone and tweet to us that you’ve finished a sprint and we’ll RT you from @BiblioCrunch. Once you’ve done your sprint treat yourself to a nice meal or an evening snack.

We’re also an official sponsor of NaNoWriMo and offering 50% off Author Concierge Service membership for NaNoWriMo winners ($120 value), and 20% off for all participants.


If you do more than six writing sprints we’ll give you a premium yearly subscription for $59!

Happy writing!