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How to Battle Writer’s Block

I would like to start this off by saying that I’ve been staring at my screen for…oh…twenty minutes trying to figure out what to write.

So that’s basically where we are.

Writer’s block will strike every writer at some point in their career.  It’ll strike often and viciously, and its worst facet is that it’s terribly discouraging.  It makes us feel like failures—it makes us feel pathetic.


So when you’re staring at that daunting blank page, or that sentence that seems to lead nowhere…what do you do?

Here’s what I’ve gathered from my own experiences, as well as the experiences of other writers:


Coffee is a writer’s best friend.  I prefer tea, but a lot of my writer friends love to guzzle their coffee, or RedBull, Monster, or anything else with caffeine. It can give you a little charge, and maybe even improve your mood a bit!


If you need to set the mood for your story, music can really help. I have some recommendations, but of course, what you pick has to work for you.  Listen to music that feels right…for you, for your story, for your characters.


Sometimes, your brain needs a break.  Not just from writing, but everything.  Taking the time to lie down, even for 20 minutes, can refresh you, recharge you, and give you the distance you  need to gain a little perspective.


Type some random stuff into Google—things that relate a little bit to your story, or just kind of work with what you’re trying to do.  Read the random stuff that pops up and see if it inspires you!  It sounds weird, but sometimes, weird works.

Chat with Other Writers

There are all kinds of places to do this—writer forums, like on theNaNoWriMo site, are one good spot—but my favorite is Twitter.  Pop onto Twitter and talk to all the writers who hang out there.  You’ll find us on the #AmWriting, #WriteClub, #Writers, #Write, #Writing, and #WriteTips hastags (to name just a few).  If you don’t know where to start, tweet me (@EveyJacob) and I’ll hook you up with some of the best writers on Twitter ;)

Just Write

Just write.  It doesn’t matter what you write.  Hell, you could write, “I don’t know what to write I’m terrible at this…” just get started on writingsomething, and eventually, the words will start to flow.  Work on something else if you need to, just don’t let the time slip by without writing.

The most important thing is to remember that everyone struggles with this, and you’re not alone.  There’s a way through the block, and you’re stronger than it is—just keep swimming (er…writing) and after a while, after some hard work, you’ll find you’ve got a real, genuine book in your hands :)

What’s your method for beating writer’s block?  How do you combat the anxiety and conquer the blank page?

This post was originally featured at the Widbook blog and written by Eve Jacob. Widbook is a global community for people who love to share stories. Writers can publish their work in an ebook format and readers meet content and everyone get connected!